Hello everybody! Here on this page is a Wizard and Witches School! It is called Wizardology school or Wizard and Witch Craft. If you would like to join please summit the following information that is told to do so. If you are already a member then please look over the things that you need to!

All you have to do is put your full name in the part that says NAME. Then you put your email address and in the comments box you put what your talent it and why you want to sign up.

Becoming a Student

First Year Supplies:

This is what you will be needing for your education at Wizard and Witch Craft School.
* Note: If you are not in the first year but do not have a wand yet please get all the things that the first years require except for the books. You can also buy any of the higher supplies like a gold cauldron instead of a pewter cauldron. (Please get the books that you need).

First years will require:
1. Three sets of plain black work robes
2. One plain black pointed hat for day wear
3. One black winter cloak
4. One pair of protective gloves

Set Books
All students should have a copy of the following:
The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
A History of Magic
Magical Theroy
A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
Magical Drafts and Potions
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection

Other Equipment
1 wand
1 cauldron (pewter)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 set of potion ingredients
1 telescope
1 brass scale
1 set of parchment, quills, and ink
STUDENTS MAY ALSO BRING A PET (owl, cat, rabbit, turtle, toad)


If you are a teacher at Wizard and Witch Craft School then here is your list, If you want to become a teacher then please follow the following information.
If you want to be a teacher then please put the information that is asked for in the box at the right. ---------------------------------->
For the box that is labeled name please put you FULL name. Then on the next box please put you email address. For the bigger box that is labeled comments please put why you want to be a teacher, what your talent is, what you would like to teach, and about you. Thank-you for your help! :)

Becoming a Teacher

Teachers List:

This is what you will be needing for your teaching at Wizard and Witch Craft School.

*Note: Please get the books that you would need for your own subject. (See what the other students books are and that is what you could buy). If you need anything else like a telescope or potion ingredients for your subject then you can buy it. You can also buy more of one thing like you could buy 3 pairs of protective gloves instead of one.

Professors will require:
1. Three sets of plain work robes
2. One plain pointed hat for day wear
3. One winter cloak
4. One pair of protective gloves

Other Equipment
1 wand
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 set of parchment, quills, and ink
PROFESSORS MAY ALSO BRING A PET (owl, cat, rabbit, turtle, toad)


Pass Grades
  • Outstanding (O)
  • Exceeds Expectations (E)
  • Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades
  • Poor (P)
  • Dreadful (D)
  • Troll (T)

Ordering Sheets


In the left box is the  grades. In the right box are the order sheets. The order sheets are used for buying things or if you are borrowing something. Each teacher will get a stack or order sheets and a stack of grades. This is in case you lose them or you need to hand them out.






Ancient Runes 
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Flying Class
History of Magic
Muggle Studies


Hello! This is the Apothecary, the best on Diagon Alley to buy ingredients for making potions. I'm so glad your here. We've just started business, so forgive our-er-lack of supplies. I'm getting some things very soon though. I should have everything you'll need for Hogwarts at the moment. I'll let you get your shopping done now.

- Set of Basic Potion Ingredients -

Year Supply for School ~ 5 Galleons
Alligators Tooth ~ 1 Galleon
Maeko Roots (1 bundle) ~ 1 Galleon
Unicorn Hairs (1 bundle) ~ 5 Sickles
Bezoar (1 bundle) ~ 5 Sickles
Monkey Brains ~ 5 Sickles
Turkey Blood ~ 5 Sickles
Ginger Roots (1 bundle) ~ 5 sickles
Fish Scales ~ 3 Sickles a scoop
Apple Core ~ 3 Sickles a scoop
Beetle Eyes ~ 10 Knuts a scoop
Frog Legs ~ 10 Knuts a scoop
Sea Weed ~ 10 Knuts a scoop
Tea Leaves ~ 10 Knuts a package

'Lo and welcome to Cauldrons and More. We've just gotton some new cauldrons. Take a peek at'em if you'd like. I'll be glad to help you when ya need it. Just give me a call if you need anything.

- Cauldrons -

Self Stirring ~ 1 Galleon
Portable ~ 1 Galleon
Gold ~ 20 Sickles
Silver ~ 17 Sickles
Bronze ~ 15 Sickles
Pewter ~ 10 Sickles

- Scales -

Gold ~ 16 Sickles

Silver ~ 14 Sickles
Bronze ~ 12 Sickles
Brass ~ 10 Sickles

- Telescopes -

Collapsable Silver ~ 5 Galleons
Collapsable Brass ~ 3 Galleons
Gold ~ 3 Galleons
Silver ~ 2 Galleons
Bronze ~ 1 Galleon
- Other Supplies -

Crystal Ball (Divanation Only) ~ 5 Galleons
Dragon Hide Gloves ~ 1 Galleon
Crystal Phials (set of 2) ~ 15 Sickels
Glass Phials (set of 2) ~ 10 Sickles
Tea Leaves (Divanation Only) ~ 5 Sickles
Magical Candles (set of 5) ~ 5 Sickles
Tarot Cards (Divanation Only) ~ 3 Sickles
Deck of Playing Cards ~ 3 Sickles

Well, Hello! This is Eeylops Owl Emporium! We sell all kinds of owls, all hand-raised and kind. Look around for awhile...find an owl you like. I'll be waiting for you when your ready.

- Owl Packages -

10 Galleons each
(Owl Packages include the type of owl you choose, a month's supply of owl food, and a cage)

Choose from:

Snowy Owl
Tawny Owl
Screech Owl
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl

- Food and Treats -

Package of Owl Food ~ 15 Sickles
Package of Owl Treats ~ 10 Sickles
Package of Mice ~ 5 Sickles

Hello! This is Flourish and Blotts, the best bookstore for wizards and witches of all ages! We carry all the books you will need for Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy your time here!

- Book Sets Section -
(Sets on this shelf are 5 Galleons)

*Professor Book Set - Includes 5 book bags of your choice of colours and all books in this book store. Costs 20 Galleons for each set.

* First Year Book Set - Includes a book bag of your choice of colour and these books: Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1), A History of Magic, Magical Theroy, A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, Magical Drafts and Potions, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection).

- Ancient Runes Section -
(Books on this shelf are 6 Sickles)

* Ancient Runes made Easy
*Old Ancient Runes and Where to Find Them
* A Guide to Ancient Ruins
- Arithmacy Section -
(Books on this shelf are 6 Sickles)

*Numerology and Grammatica
* Simple Arithmacy Questions

- Astronomy Section -
(Books on this shelf are 5 Sickels)

* Easy Astronomy
* Reach for the Stars: A Guide to the Stars and Planets

- Magical Creatures Section -
(Books on this shelf are 7 Sickles)

* Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
* The Monster Book of Monsters
* Dragon Breeding for Profit and Pleasure
* Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland
* From Egg to Inferno-A Dragon Keepers Guide
* The Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology
* Fowl or Foul? A Study of Hippogriff Brutality

- Charms and Spells Section -
(Books on this shelf are 6 Sickles)

* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 3)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 4)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 5)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 6)
* Standard Book of Spells (Grade 7)
* Curses and Counter-Curses
* Easy Healing Handbook

- Dark Arts Section -
(Books on this self are 5 Sickels)

* The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection
* The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts

- Divanation Section -
(Books on this shelf are 7 Sickles)

* Unfogging the Future
* Reading Candles
* Predicting the Unpredictable-Insulate yourself Against Shocks
* Broken Balls-When Fortune turns Foul
* Death Omens-What to do when you know the worst is coming

- Broom Flying and Quidditch Section -
(Books on this shelf are 7 Sickles)

* Quidditch Through the Ages
* Flying with the Cannons
* Which Broomstick
* Handbook to Do-It-Your-Self Broom Care
* A History of the Flying Broom
* A dictionary to Mardern Day Quidditch
- Herbology Section -
(Books on this shelf are 5 Sickles)

* One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
* Encyclopedia of Toadstools
* Herbology is Fun (Volume 1)
* Herbology is Fun (Vloume 2)

- History/Modern History Section -
(Books on this shelf are 5 Sickles)

* A History of Magic
* Magical Theroy
* Great Wizarding Events in the 20th Century
* Hogwarts-A History
* Notable Magical Names of our Times
* Important Modern Magical Discoveries
* A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry
* Sites of Historical Sorcery

- Muggle Studies -
(Books on this shelf are 7 Sickles)

* Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles
* What Muggles use for Home Life and Recreation

- Potions Section -
(Books on this shelf are 5 Sickles)

* Magical Drafts and Potions
* Ingredients to Make Challenging Potions

- Transfiguration Section -
(Books on this shelf are 5 Sickles)

* A Begginner's Guide to Transfiguration
* Intermediate Transfiguration
* Advanced Transfiguartion

- Cooking Section -
(Books on this shelf are 8 Sickles)

* Charm your own Cheese
* Enchantments in Baking
* One Minute Feats-It's Magic

- Lockhart Section -
(Books on this shelf are 1 Galleon)

* Break with a Banshee
* Gadding with Ghouls
* Holidays with Hags
* Travels with Trolls
* Voyages with Vampires
* Wanderings with Werewolves
* Year with the Yeti
* Magical Me

Gringotts (bank):  galleons, sickles, knuts

Hey there! Welcome to Madam Malkin's Robes, i'm sure you'll be pleased at my new custom dress robes section. Go ahead...look around! I'm here if you need my help.

- Plain Robes and Hats -

Black Winter Cloak ~ 15 Sickles
Plain Black Robe ~ 10 Sickles
Black Pointed Hat ~ 5 Sickles

- Quidditch Robes and Hats -

Gryffindor Robe ~ 1 Galleon
Hufflepuff Robe ~ 1 Galleon
Ravenclaw Robe ~ 1 Galleon
Slytherin Robe ~ 1 Galleon

Gryffindor Hat ~ 7 Sickles
Hufflepuff Hat ~ 7 Sickles
Ravenclaw Hat ~ 7 Sickles
Slytherin Hat ~ 7 Sickles

- Custom Dress Robes -
(Each dress robe are 3 Galleons)


Gold Thread
Silver Thread
Leather Rope
Silk Piping
Small Silk Flowers

Any colour you want!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is the Magical Menagerie, the place to buy your magical pet! You can use them to teach spells on, but most young wizards and witches like to have them as a pet! Remember, food only lasts for 1 month, so you'll need to buy some more monthly! Pick a good one!

- Pets -

Cat Package (Includes cat, cat food, carrier) ~ 3 Galleons

Rabbit Package (Includes rabbit, rabbit food, cage) ~ 2 Galleons

Turtle Package (Includes turtle, turtle food, tank) ~ 2 Galleons

Toad Package (Includes toad, toad food, tank) ~ 2 Galleons

- Food Refills -
(All food are 10 Sickles)

Cat Food
Rabbit Food
Turtle Food
Toad Food

- Treats -
(All treats are 15 Sickles)

Package of Cat Treats
Package of Rabbit Treats
Package of Turtle Treats
Package of Toad Treats

- Toys -
(All toys are 20 Knuts)

Cat Toy
Rabbit Toy
Turtle Toy
Toad Toy

Hello and welcome to Quality Quidditch Supplies! The place to get all the equipment you need for Quidditch! You can also get your brooms here and it just so happens we got a special order in just yesterday! So feel free to look at them!

- Broomsticks -

Snitch 2002 - 50 Galleons
Snitch 2001 - 45 Galleons
Firebolt - 35 Galleons
Nimbus 2001 - 20 Galleons
Nimbus 2000 - 15 Galleons
Comet 260 - 10 Galleons
Shooting Star - 7 Galleons

- Broom Extras -

Clip-on Broom Compass - 5 Sickles
Quidditch Broom Stand - 10 Sickles
Broom Care Kit - 15 Sickles

- Quidditch Balls -

Quidditch Ball Set (Quaffle, 2 Bludgers, 1 Golden Snitch) - 3 Galleons
1 Golden Snitch - 1 Galleon
2 Beater Clubs - 15 Sickles
2 Bludgers - 15 Sickles
1 Quaffle - 10 Sickles

- Quidditch Banners -

Gryffindor Banner - 5 Sickles
Hufflepuff Banner - 5 Sickles
Ravenclaw Banner - 5 Sickles
Slytherin Banner - 5 Sickles
Good Morning\ Afternoon\ Evening (Ollivander's Wands)
I thought i'd be seeing you soon. Please do come in. I'm Mr. Ollivander, and this is my wand shop. I asume your in here because you've been excepted to Hogwarts? Good for you i'm sure you'll do great.

Every Ollivander wand has a core of magical subtance. No two wands are the same, and you will never get such good results with any other wizards's wand. Remember this, it's not the wizard who picks the wand, it's the wand who picks the wizard...

All wands are 10 Galleons. So, go on ahead and have a look around and let me know when you have found the perfect wand for yourself. If you don't see the wood or core that you would like, send me an E-Owl and we will custom make it for you for an extra 3 Galleons.

- Wand Accessories -

Wand Cleaning Kit ~ 15 Sickles
Wand Case ~ 10 Sickles
Wand Holder ~ 5 Sickles
Wand Decoration ~ 3 Sickles

- Woods -


- Lengths -

8, 8 1/4, 8 1/2, 8 3/4
9, 9 1/4, 9 1/2, 9 3/4
10, 10 1/4, 10 1/2, 10 3/4
11, 11 1/4, 11 1/2, 11 3/4
12, 12 1/4, 12 1/2, 12 3/4
- Cores -

Unicorn Hair
Phoenix Feather
Dragon Heart String
Veela Hair
Powered Dragon Tooth
Hippogriff Feather

Why hello there! Welcome to the Writing Supplies! I'm quite sure you'll find everything you need here. I'll be right around the corner if you need my help.

- Quills -

Pack of 3 Standard Quills ~ 2 Galleons
Phoenix Feather Quill ~ 3 Galleons
Hippogriff Feather Quill ~ 3 Galleons
Quick Quots Quill ~ 1 Galleon
Peacock Feather Quill ~ 15 Sickles
Ostrich Feather Quill ~ 15 Sickles
Eagle Feather Quill ~ 15 Sickles

- Parchment -
(All plain parchment are 1 Knut a sheet)


- Inks -
(5 Sickles a bottle)

Light Blue
Midnight Blue

- Printed Parchment -
(All printed parchment are 2 Knuts a sheet)